Welcome to my website! Guitar is my main instrument, but I double on "things with strings" (electric bass, mandolin, ukulele, violin, ...) I also sing lead and harmonies. I'm a versatile player, comfortable with a wide range of styles and sounds, including jazz, R&B, funk, blues, rock, country and bluegrass. I'm also a prolific composer of instrumental jazz/funk tunes.

I've been playing professionally most of my life. Growing up in rural Connecticut, I began playing the violin at age 8, picked up the guitar at age 13, and developed my chops playing in bands throughout New England. After several years on the New York City club scene, I moved to Los Angeles, where I attended Musicians Institute. I graduated from Musicians Institute with honors, then worked around Los Angeles as a studio musician and recording engineer. In 1990, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I live now.

For my first couple of decades in Colorado, I was a busy freelancer for singer-songwriter and cover bands. I was employed as a sideman by Nina Storey, Dan Navarro, Rebecca Folsom, Ricardo Peña, Funkiphino, Lisa Bell, and Linda Lewellyn, to name a few. Then I discovered the joys (and hassles) of being a band leader.

For 5 years (2012-2017), I was co-leader of Purple Squirrel, an innovative jazz/funk quartet. I composed a boatload of original tunes during this period. We did about 200 shows, mostly clubs and festivals in the Denver/Boulder area. And we self-published one groovy CD, "Split Shot", which you can find on iTunes.

My main project these days is RabbleFish. It features my original jazz/funk compositions, and a rotating lineup of Colorado's finest musicians. Visit the Rabblefish website at


Guitarists: Mike Miller, Jeff Beck, Robben Ford, Michael Landau, Eric Johnson, Buzzy Feiten, Scott Henderson, Steve Khan, John Scofield, Mike Stern, John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell, Alan Holdsworth, The Hellecasters, Steve Lukather, Tommy Emmanuel, Mike Oldfield, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheny, Mark Knophler, Shawn Lane, ...

Others: Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Porcupine Tree, Dixie Dregs, BrandX, Steely Dan, Elton John, Toto, John Leventhal (multi-instrumentalist and producer), Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), ...

My Projects


Purple Squirrel

Some of the Artists that I've worked with

Eric Gunnison

Bob Schlesinger

Eric Moon

Adam Revell

Ricardo Peña

Mark Diamond

Paul McDaniel

Chris Engleman

Eric Thorin

Eric Baines

Christian Teele

Matt Amundson

Dean Oldencott

Brian McRae

Matt Houston

Darren Kramer

Bob Rebholz

Rekha Ohal

Dan Navarro

Martian Acres

Nina Storey

Rebecca Folsom

Lisa Bell

Linda Lewellyn

Jennifer Lane

Bob Story


White Bred Funk

Reese's Monkey

Jim Cohn


Some of the recordings that I've appeared on († as leader) ...
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Extraordinary Days" (2016) - guitar on 1 track
  • Lisa Bell, "The Italian Project" (2013) - mandolin on 1 track
  • Chris Malley & Bob Schlesinger, "Split Shot" (2012) - guitars, co-writer, co-producer, engineer, all tracks †
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Reunion", (2013) - guitar on 1 track
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Wild Women", single (2011) - guitar
  • Joan Langford, "Dancing In The Kitchen" (2010) - guitar on 10 tracks, mandolin 1 track, vocals 3 tracks
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Smoke and Tears", single (2010) - guitars
  • Mark McMillen, "Keenyo" (2010) - guitar on 1 track
  • KBCO,"Bolder Boulder Bootlegs Volume 7" compilation (2010) - guitar on 1 track (Choosing June)
  • Choosing June, "Choosing June" (2009) - guitar on 8 tracks, mandolin 2 tracks
  • Quiz Dog Productions, "Alien Probe - The Musical!" film soundtrack (2009) - guitar, bass, sequencing, engineering.
  • Deborah Stafford, R&B corporate demo (2008) - guitar on 4 tracks
  • Nina Storey, "It's Your Birthday" single, English & Spanish versions (2008) - guitar
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Water On Stone" (2008) - guitar on 12 tracks, mandolin 1 track, co-writer 3 tracks, co-arranger 1 track
  • The Mountain (99.5 FM),"Mountain Homegrown Volume 6" compilation (2007) - guitar on 1 track (Rebecca Folsom)
  • Blue Sky Bridge Acoustic Harvest, compilation (2007) - guitar on 1 track (Rebecca Folsom)
  • Quiz Dog Productions, "Signs of the Time" film soundtrack (2007) - composer, sound designer
  • Jim Cohn, "Homage" (2007) - guitar on 9 tracks
  • Nina Storey, "Rocks To Throw" single (2007) - electric guitars
  • Various artists, "Songs By The Fireplace" compilation (2007) - guitar on 1 track (Rebecca Folsom)
  • Nina Storey, "Hard" (2006) - acoustic and electric guitars
  • Quiz Dog Productions, "The Six Cents" film soundtrack (2006) - co-composer, sound designer
  • Martian Acres, "From Waltz to War" (2006) - mandolin on 1 track, mixed 1 track
  • Quiz Dog Productions, "Foo Foo" film soundtrack (2006) - composer
  • Quiz Dog Productions, "The Mileage High Club" film soundtrack (2005) - composer
  • Various artists, "Boulder Cuvée Volume2" compilation (2005) - guitar on 1 track (Rebecca Folsom)
  • Reese's Monkey, "Bigger Than It Looks" (2004) - guitar, producer, engineer, all tracks †
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Shine" (2004) - guitar on 2 tracks, co-writer on 2 tracks, co-arranger on 2 tracks
  • The Mountain (99.5 FM),"Mountain Homegrown Volume 2" compilation (2004) - guitar on 1 track (Rebecca Folsom)
  • The Turkey Jammers, "Turkey Jam 2004" (2004) - guitar on all tracks †
  • Mojo Watson, "Black Beauty" (2004) - background vocals on "You're The One I Love"
  • The Turkey Jammers, "Turkey Jam 2003" (2003) - guitar on all tracks †
  • Rebecca Folsom, "Across The Sky" (2001) - co-arranger on 1 track
  • Various artists, "Songs From The Hill" (2001) - guitar on 1 track (Rebecca Folsom)
  • Eric Baines, "Different Kinds of People" (2000) - guitar on 2 tracks
  • Rebecca Folsom & Milestone, "Many Miles" (1999) - guitar on 6 tracks
  • Reese's Monkey, "Live at Penny Lane" (1997) - guitar, producer, engineer, all tracks †
  • DP Waldman, "Just Dancers" (1990) - guitar on 1 track
  • Private Stock, "Private Stock" (1989) - guitar on all tracks
  • The Bugz, "Musicians Institute Student Album" (1988) - guitar on 1 track
  • English Eyes, "Stand" EP (1987) - guitar on all tracks

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